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The Idea

The idea behind my artwork

Every piece of art is designed and produced to be a one of a kind. I want each piece to be as unique as the customer it is for. Even pairs or matching pieces will be the same to the naked eye but will intentionally be made with the littlest change to make it an individual.

Let's Get You a Piece
of History! Every One is One of a Kind! 

100% YOURS


No Sales Final!!!

Buying From Out of Town?

So, if you have an idea of what you want you can contact me directly here or on social media, the venue of your choice and we'll make it happen. No ideas too big, every idea will be considered. I am highly focused on having satisfied customers. And have been known to take pieces back for alteration multiple times until it is the apple of the customers eye. I am committed to your satisfaction!

If its not What you had in mind...

We have a few options

If its to far off of your idea of what you thought you were going to receive we will rectify the situation! 

We can try again from scratch or try and figure what we can do to make you satisfied.

We can change the size, the shape and/or the wire work to the piece.

Worst case scenario we will refund 50% of your money and you can find another artist... But I do hope we can figure it out.

So let's get you into your own N8 piece of art! Something as one of a kind and as special as YOU! one of my highly valued customers!!!

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