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Intro to N8


A Little More About   Nathaniel "N8" Reilly...

I am an artist through and through, passionate in everything I do! Best known for my artwork and also making bad decisions. Definitely not a businessman, but I try really hard. Great at making art but my skills end there. My worst enemy is my own head and have been working at my mental health as much as I can. But it seems to affect every aspect of my life; and   it seems to dictates most of my life. My only freedom is art. It's my release and seems to be the only part of my life that makes me feel like I can get right!  Every other aspect of life I would rather just give up and call it a day... So, this artwork is really me trying to leave a legacy! I hope that after I make my last bad decision people have a piece of me to love and cherish just as much as my memory or more!    Every piece is treated like it could be my last! We are all one bad decision from a celebration of life ceremony! And some of us are closer than others. Almost weekly I hear of better people than me passing due to one bad decision. My only hope is that this art be shared with the world, and everyone have a piece of art that makes them feel special! I hope you  can find something that you can love on my site! Every piece is made with love in hopes someone will love it as much as I love them, stranger or friend; I love you and want to connect you with something you can love!!! -Sincerely, Nathaniel "N8" Reilly


About the Art

The idea behind my artwork, and what is the Mission.

Every piece of art is designed and produced to be a one of a kind. I want each piece to be as unique as the customer it is for. Even pairs or matching pieces will be the same to the naked eye but will intentionally be made with the littlest change to make it an individual.

Let’s Work Together

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